Our Mission

"Orchestrate opportunities in society that ensure universal access to quality education for computer science and related fields. Through these opportunities develop sustainable career paths that FOCUS on knowledge transmission and integrating technology."

Why Computing

We have missed the train

Information age came and we were not ready to jump on the train because of the current education system. We need a new computer curriculum for our primary and secondary schools. The current content is out dated and is not going to create the modern mind required to sustain this age of technology.

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What We Do

Teach computing and computer science.
Develop computer and science curriculum for Primary, Secondary schools and Inter colleges.
Develop teaching material, Apps, and websites for teaching.
Setup computer labs or provide computers where required.
Train the teacher. Have a team of teachers and volunteers that visit various centers to teach.
Develop centers of education.

Proposed Solution

FOCUS proposes implementation of the following process to ensure a sustainable ecosystem that supports the necessary cycle between knowledge transfer and knowledge discovery.

The FOCUS CS curriculum develops a holistic learning experience for the students with the aim to impart a comprehensive CS education to students that spans across five different categories. These categories, identified in Table 1, are not mutually exclusive but identify core skill areas in CS that depend on each other.

General Category Guidelines for FOCUS Computer Science Curriculum

Computational Thinking

Students develop their problem-solving skills by learning to decompose problems and constructing frameworks to model the general class of problems that admit computational solutions while learning to identify efficient solutions


Students develop the ability to implement solutions to computational problems through consistent utilization of coding and development environments of increasing complexity

Computer Systems

Students develop an understanding of how different components are combined to develop computer systems while also gaining hands-on experience with robotics kits to appreciate the interface between hardware and software

Digital Citizenship

Students develop their perspective on Social Responsibility, Ethics & Privacy, Cybersecurity, IT Laws & Policies in the digital age by engaging in discussions and debates regarding current trends in IT moderated by an appreciation of the historical development of the IT industry

IT Skills

Students improve their productivity by understanding appropriate utilization of word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, database, online communication, image editing and web development applications

Transformation in phases

Phase I
Development of Computer Science curriculum for grades 1 to 12 that combines and enhances best practices from around the world

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Computational thinking digital literacy based new computing curriculum, running at 3 of their schools as a pilot project. FOCUS is providing teacher training and continuous support to the program. We hope to scale up to 50 schools next year. TCF has 1400 schools all over the country.

Iqra Rozatul Atfaal

Iqra has a unique model with Hifz till class 5 and normal schooling from class 6 onwards. New computing curriculum is adopted at 10 of their schools. With the help of FOCUS students are learning algorithm, computational thinking and problem solving.

Zindagi Trust Schools

We are partnering with them to provide, teacher training and new curriculum on computing to be adopted at two of their adopted schools. Children would soon be benefitting from these courses to learn problem solving, programming and IT skills. http://www.zindagitrust.org/overview.php


Educating our younger group with Scratch in a fun and exciting way. With scratch it will helps young people...

SOS Children village

We have a setup a new computer lab with multimedia projectors to teach and train the young children with modern tools. Working with a mission to offer our next generation with quality and innovative education.

Mashal Foundation

Children from class 1 to 5 are taught computing by the elder children. Children have learnt, scratch, binary numbers and the foundation topics. Students do maths on Khanacademy. Overall grades have improved and children are confident at using technology and look forward to learning app development.


Help us cloese the Computer Science GAP

Helps us bring a change in computer education for our country. Adopt our new Computing curriculum --- Support our vision.
Your donations helps in providing access to quality CS education to all the deserving students, who would otherwise have no access to computers.
We will help the youth to prepare for the jobs of today and tomorrow and give them the opportunity to become creators of technology and the world’s future innovators.
With your help we setup computer labs, at orphanages, govt schools and send our teachers to train the underprivileged.

Email us info@focus.org.pk or call us at (021-32636708)