"FOCUS is a grass roots organization, where energy, motivation, creativity, and leadership comes from its members.”

The world is changing in the field of science and technology, and that change is making a huge impact on our future. This is a national agenda, because our life and work depends on technology. Without latest technology, we cannot compete globally.

So we at FOCUS, feel the need to educate our children about computer science, information technology, and digital literacy.

FOCUS is a non-profit organization with a mission to bring a change in computer science and information technology field in the country.

The Foundation is formed by philanthropist, tech specialist, and educationists. Our aim is to introduce new curriculum for schools and colleges and to introduce new ways to teach science and computing.

Schools and colleges in Pakistan do not teach the concepts of computing, and computer programming. With the astonishing decline in the field of computing at our primary, secondary and intermediate levels, we feel the importance to break this barrier by building an institutional network so that every student in every school will have an equal opportunity to learn computer science as a discrete discipline.

  • 9 in 10 parents want their child to study computer science

  • Schools do not teach computer programming

  • 71% of all new jobs in stem are computer

  • 4% of graduates are in computer science

Computing is a fundamental part of our daily life, commerce, and every occupation in our modern economy. It is essential that students are exposed to the field of computer science from the earlier years in education. It not only teaches them about technology, it also teaches them how to think differently about any problem. Many schools and colleges confuse between computer science education and technology education and has worked against computer science curriculum in schools, and have largely focused on teaching students how to use technology. Our goal at FOCUS, is to teach students how to create technology through studying the academic subject of computer science and enable them to think logically, critically and to be problem solvers. Our teachers need to be trained to ensure that they transition the change in the classroom.

Today, Computer science puts students on the path toward some of the highest paying, fastest growing jobs around the world.

What we can do about it?

Empower young generation with the skills needed for success in the digital world.

EQUIP facilitate with highly equipped computer labs and trained staff.

Encourage youth to adapt computer science. And to CREATE new technologies instead of just being consumers of technology.