Transformation in Phases

Phase I

Development of Computer Science curriculum for grades 1 to 12 that combines and enhances best practices from around the world

Phase II

  • Review of curriculum by established authorities in the field
  • Teacher training and curriculum adoption at select schools under close supervision and tracking of FOCUS staff
  • Develop collaborations with international partners in developing teacher training program
  • Marketing campaign to raise public awareness

Phase III

  • Adoption of curriculum as the national standard
  • Establish institutes for streamlined teacher training
  • Initiate curriculum development in other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) areas

Phase IV

  • Implement and deliver content via mobile platforms for developing a de-centralized education network
  • Current mobile subscriptions in Pakistan are 140.2 million (72% penetration) compared to only 35.1 million internet users (18% penetration)